Sterilization & Reprocessing

Electronically capture compliance for required Audit Questions and manage comments, feedback, and recommendations/resolutions for non-compliant items. Automated reporting alerts you to what needs attention.

To assist organizations with the challenges of compliance reporting for reusable medical devices Crede Technologies has developed a Reprocessing Audit System designed around Standards and Best Practice Guidelines. Our system will help organizations determine if they are adhering to the Standards and following the Best Practice Guidelines, help identify deficiencies, and monitor action plans as they are developed to remediate non-compliant items.


Effective and efficient evaluation of reprocessing practices and adherence to Standards to ensure quality processes are in place
Alerts for non-compliant practices and automated follow up of remediation timelines
Create and receive real time, accurate reports of your MDR processes – immediately know current status
Satisfy regulatory agency reporting requirements and external evaluations (e.g. Accreditation) in one mouse click
Track results over time and identify trends


  • Intuitive, easy to use interface – reduce training costs, reduce data entry times, eliminate reporting delays
  • Conduct multiple simultaneous audits – maintain maximum flexibility of your schedule
  • Support audit observations with photographs – ideal for providing supporting evidence and visual cues for post audit reviews
  • Instant links to Best Practices – immediately share best practice information with stakeholders
  • Enter standard or custom comments for each question – inform the discussion and initiate conversations towards remediation of non-compliant items
  • Real time E-mail alerts for high risk non-compliant items – start the remediation process immediately
  • Quality Assurance checks of responses – ensure consistency of related/linked questions; enforce compliance responses for mandatory questions
  • Immediate Automated Reporting of Results – immediately know current status, track results over time and identify trends
  • Web based portal for managing audits and tracking conversations – no more searching through e-mails for status updates on non-compliant questions
  • Track Remediation efforts – monitor progress against timelines, track percent completion to achieving compliance, and receive alerts as deadlines approach
  • Record costs associated with remediation of non-compliant items to track impact on budgets

Advanced Features

  • Support multiple sets of independent Standards
  • Standards Editor tool with full versioning. Manage Draft, Approved, Current, and Historical standards
  • Protocol sets build dynamic Standards lists depending on audit criteria
  • Support for multiple assessments and assessors for a given audit, with merge and compare capabilities
  • Automated report generation for key stakeholders upon audit completion

Return on Investment

Save time and money by automating:

  • Collection and Collation of data (more efficient data collection, eliminate transcription, merge multiple independent audits)
  • Reporting (single mouse click for internal and regulatory agency required reports)
  • Status updates (always know about progress towards achieving compliance, eliminate time spent searching through e-mails)
  • Intuitive interface reduces training costs
  • Quickly identify areas of concern and take immediate action to reduce risk and thereby costs